MICAz 2.4 GHz

Wireless Modules



The MICAz is a 2.4 GHz Mote module used for enabling low-power, wireless
sensor networks.
Product features include:
• IEEE 802.15.4 compliant RF transceiver
• 2.4 to 2.48 GHz, a globally compatible ISM band
• Direct sequence spread spectrum radio which is resistant to RF interference and provides inherent
data security
• 250 kbps data rate
• Supported by MoteWorks™ wireless sensor network platform for reliable, ad-hoc mesh networking
• Plug and play with Crossbow’s sensor boards, data acquisition boards, gateways, and software MoteWorks™ enables the development of custom sensor applications and is specifically optimized for low-power, battery-operated networks. MoteWorks is based on the open-source TinyOS operating system and provides reliable, ad-hoc mesh networking, over-theair- programming capabilities, cross development tools, server middleware for enterprise network integration and
client user interface for analysis and a configuration.

Processor & Radio Platform (MPR2400CA)
The MPR2400 is based on the Atmel ATmega128L. The ATmega128L is a low-power microcontroller which runs MoteWorks from its internal flash memory. A single processor board (MPR2400) can be configured to run your sensor application/processing and the network/radio communications stack simultaneously.
The 51-pin expansion connector supports Analog Inputs, Digital I/O, I2C, SPI and UART interfaces. These interfaces make it easy to connect to a wide variety of external peripherals.
The MICAz (MPR2400) IEEE 802.15.4 radio offers both high speed (250 kbps) and hardware security (AES-128).

Sensor Boards
Crossbow offers a variety of sensor and data acquisition boards for the MICAz Mote. All of these boards connect to the MICAz via the standard 51-pin expansion connector. Custom sensor and data acquisition boards are also available. Please contact Crossbow for additional information.